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Max Hardcore

Max Hardcore, Rough Sex, Anal Penetration

Title: Maxed Out 12
Starring: Max Hardcore, Montana Gunn, Candi Cash, Tamia
Description: You want filthy-dirty fucking? Max Hardcore is taking out his madness on unsuspecting girls too sluty to even care as Max abuses them beyond belief, and films the whole degrading treatment! For, Max the only reason for a girl's existence is to serve as a fuck hole for his most perverted and extreme sex acts.!!
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max hardcore
Title: Max Hardcore Extreme 7
Starring: Max Hardcore, Dalny Marga, Karla Lynn, Chante
Description: Max is a magician! Watch in amazement as Max transforms these once innocent girls into ass reamed, cum slobbering fuck toys! It’s incredible the vile shit he gets them to do! All filmed just for you!
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max hardcore
Title: Pure Max 5
Starring: Max Hardcore, Zina Fox, Catalina, Lainey X
Description: Cyberdaemon Max Hardcore, the Dark Lord of Porn, plunging into a future full of subhuman fuck-sluts! Hairless twats programmed to perform just for you and the cold steel bot known as Machine Max!
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max hardcore
Title: Junior College Hardcore Schoolgirls 13
Starring: Max Hardcore
Description: Student Of The Month: Max catches Shawna 18, smoking in the park! He then fucks her throat and reams her ass pipe! Euro Fuck Toy: Tiny Dawn is only 18 and 4 foot 10, but she wants attention too, so Maz force-fucks her ass while pulling on pig talls! Model Of The Month: Max finds little China Doll on the street, and uses her hairless slit and tigt ass to jack off his rock hard cock!
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max hardcore
Title: Junior College Hardcore Schoolgirls 20
Starring: Max Hardcore, Lacie Coxx, Bisexual Britni, Jessie Vega
Description: Britni is young and oh so gullible, as Max fools her into thinking he’s a cheerleading coach. He coaches his cock deep down her throat and way up her ass and even fucks her standing on her head before emptying his nuts on her face. Lacie is a little cock teaser who can’t stand school at all. So when Max finds her on the playground, she agrees to go back to his place to have some fun. Max reams her ass and even shoves a dildo in her cunt for good measure before ripping her pussy wide while pile driving her asshole. Jessie is an adorable teener with a tight body. So when Max meets her at the mall he takes her home and is soon force fucking her ass before he cranks open her mouth & reams her throat, after which he blows his load down her throat & makes her drink it!
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max hardcore
Title: Planet Max 10
Starring: Max Hardcore, Diamond Darrington, Kinky, Catalina, Jessie J., Jessie Vega
Description: Max Hardcore brings the pain! Only Max could get away with such sexual atrocities! Cum join him for some debauched fun!
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max hardcore
Title: Pure Max
Starring: Max Hardcore
Description: 100 Percent Max Hardcore                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
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max hardcore
Title: Junior College Hardcore Schoolgirls 14
Starring: Max Hardcore, Cloey Adams, Dillon Blue, Mirage
Description: Max plays a guidance counselor who guides his cock up Cloey’s ass and deep down her throat! Watch this 18-year-old’s ass gape! Max finds 18-year0old Mirage skipping school, and makes the hairless teeny do the most disgusting things! Dillon, 18, is a runaway, who fucks almost any guy who asks, but that didn’t prepare her for Max who force-fucks her in the park.
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max hardcore
Title: Junior College Hardcore Schoolgirls 7
Starring: Micky Lynn, Max Hardcore, Cortknee
Description: Model of the Month Micky is supposed to be in Sunday School, but she skips out when she meets Max. He's quickly reaming her hairless pussy by the pool, the her tight ass until it just about splits her in two! Max thanks her by blowing his load all over her cute face! Skull-Fuck: Max meets 19 year old Cortknee, and decides that she'll be his cunt for the day! Max skull-fucks her senseless, then cranks open her pussy with a lighted speculum as he drills her ass and blasts her face with his goo! Boyfriend Trouble: 18 year old Tasha wants one, so Max shows her how to attract the guys. Before you can say, "Let's kiss," Max has his cock down her throat, in her little pussy, then up her hot ass, finally cumming in her mouth and making her blow bubbles with it!
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max hardcore
Title: Junior College Hardcore Schoolgirls 11
Starring: Max Hardcore, Melody Love, Jade Marcela, Channel
Description: Only 18, Channel is a slut who even fucked her teacher! Max picks her up when she misser her scholl bus, takes her home and reams her ass while ripping her hairless gash! Max find's Jade's little sister Jill, 18, who's skipping school. Max takes her home and throat-reams her before Doublefucking her butt! She even sucks the cum right out of her ass!
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max hardcore
Title: The Max Faktor 13
Starring: Max Hardcore, Finess Navaro, Kammy, Shilo
Description: Featuring the tiny and sexy Kammy. Only the hardest of hardcore will be seen in this thirteenth volume of Max Faktor.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
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max hardcore
Title: The Max Faktor 14
Starring: Asia, Courtney, Courtney Simpson, Barbie Bucxxx
Description: Asia is just adorable in her skates and pigtails! I pump her hairless pussy to get acquainted! I take off her skates and make her suck her toes whole I ream her ass!
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max hardcore


Max Hardcore,aka : Max Steiner has polarized the porn community like no other director before him. Some worship him as adult's greatest director while others think of him as a world-class misogynist. Rough anal sex and throat-fucking with very young women are the key elements of his movies. He likes to dress up his performers as teenagers, complete with lollipops and ponytails. Maximum Hardcore is the claim and that's exactly what you get in the 400+ movies he's shot so far! According to Max, the women always know what awaits them when they perform in his flicks. His fans love the way Max verbally abuses the girls, skull-fucks their brains out and shoots them full of cum. One of his cameramen once pointed out that half of the scenes he has shot for Max have ended with the girls either crying, bleeding or vomiting. But so far, none of his performers have ever sued Max. Most of them actually seem to get a kick out of Max's taste for rough sex.

Born Paul Little, in 1959, Max was raised in Racine, Wisconsin. As a kid, Paul was hyper-active and aggressive. He got into a lot of fights at school, so his parents had to put him on medication. His early years were spent in a Catholic school. After high school he worked in construction and fashion photography. He also produced several short segments for an adult video magazine. In '92, Max hit the jackpot with "The Anal Adventures of Max Hardcore", the series that made him famous. Later in the year Max launched the infamous "Cherry Poppers" series featuring girls over 18 years of age dressed as teenagers. He started up his company "Filmwest Productions" and produced the following series: MAX, Max World, Hardcore Schoolgirls, Maxed Out and Anal Auditions.

His were the first movies to feature anal sex in every scene. But in 2001 Max Hardcore's legacy may be in danger: the political climate has changed, especially on titles that feature rough sex. Since it will be almost impossible to find a distributor willing to carry his products, Max has decided to distribute the movies himself in the future...

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